Our Reach Out Stop Exploitation (ROSE) project has enabled a group of fourteen adults with learning disabilities to train as peer mentors. After completing their initial training the mentors deliver presentations to children, other adults with learning disabilities and health care professionals, raising awareness of sexual exploitation and how to stay safe on-line.

Each month we will hear from a different member of the project team about what they've been up to on the project.

23rd November 2021


ROSE Project Blog

23/11/2021 My name is Laura and I have been a mentor for 5 years. What do people learn about when you talk to them about the ROSE project? They learn about Sexual Exploitation, the Ring ... Read More

7th October 2021


ROSE Project Blog

07/10/2021 My name is Phil and I have been a ROSE mentor for 5 years.    I have got a lot out of being a ROSE mentor. I have had new experiences like working with learners with learning disabilities and being on Zoom helpin...

Photo of Anna laughing surrounded by flowers
4th August 2021


ROSE Project Blog

04/08/2021 How have you managed with moving ROSE to online delivery? Struggled at first but I think I have finally got there in the end. Laila, one of the other mentors, had a lot of ... Read More

Picture of Isobel
7th June 2021


ROSE Project Blog

07/06/2021 Hi, my name is Isobel, I am one of the more experienced mentors on the ROSE project. I do the media side of the ROSE project and I am the ROSE mentor representative working ... Read More

28th April 2021


ROSE Project Blog

28/04/2021 Who am I? Hi, my name is Lizzie and I have been a mentor for several years. I love being a mentor because I know I am helping other people keep safe from sexual ... Read More

Picture of Sara
12th April 2021


ROSE Project Blog

08/04/2021 My name is Sara and I am a mentor on the ROSE project. My mentor pathway picture This is my ‘Mentor Pathway Picture  and it reflects my 5 year mentor journey from the Hope ... Read More

Picture of Laila
23rd March 2021


ROSE Project Blog

22/02/2021 My name is Laila, and I am a mentor on the ROSE project. A ROSE mentor is someone with experience of a subject who builds relationships with others and helps them understand what Sexual ... Read More

With thanks to Samworth Foundation’s Young Voices for funding the ROSE Project

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