As a charity committed to our community, local people are firmly at the heart of all we do – and those people like to understand our purpose and how we go about our work.

Making sure we can deliver what our clients need takes not only a devoted and compassionate team but also complete understanding of a clear vision of what we aim to achieve, a mission which states how we will make the vision a reality, and a set of values which underpin our work.


Our Vision

A community where people with learning disabilities can make a good future for themselves – a safe, healthy and happy life filled with purpose, achievement, opportunity and friendship.


Our Mission

We work to achieve an enduring and positive impact by supporting all those who place their trust in us – people with learning disabilities, their families and carers. To accomplish this, we will bring together the support of extraordinary people in our community and the imagination, skills, commitment and compassion of our team.



  • everything we do should inspire trust and confidence.

  • we all need to feel safe, encouraged and valued.

  • everyone has the right to aspire.

  • understanding individual needs takes time and care.

  • we all have the right to share in the life of the community.

  • the voices of people with learning disabilities AND their families must be heard.

  • our commitment to high standards must underpin all that we do.

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