Our Reach Out Stop Exploitation (ROSE) project builds on the work previously done through a partnership project that Reach took part in – the HOPE Project, which aimed to prevent sexual  exploitation and was led by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities with funding from the European Social Care Fund. The project enabled ten Reach clients with learning disabilities to train as peer mentors. Following this training they delivered sessions to children, adults with learning disabilities and health care professionals across Nottinghamshire, raising awareness of sexual exploitation and the importance of staying safe whilst on-line.

 In June 2019 Reach was  awarded a three-year grant from the Samworth Foundation’s Young Voices fund for the ROSE Project., which builds on the learning and skills developed during the Hope project. Samworth awarded the grant  to Reach so that the voices of young disabled adults could  be represented in their initiative to reduce risk of sexual exploitation. The ROSE project empowers people with learning disabilities to be heard and for their voice to genuinely influence work to reduce the risk of sexual exploitation at all levels.

The original peer mentors have been supported to maintain and increase their skills and new mentors have been recruited and trained. There are now fifteen Reach clients who are mentors and they work together to evaluate, devise and deliver training on positive relationships and staying safe from sexual exploitation. We are delivering training in schools, colleges and organisations within a fifty mile radius of Newark.

Dani Noquet is managing the project for Reach. Bridget Fisher, who led the Hope project, acts as a consultant and assists with project development. There are two project workers Kay Greenwell and Vickie Ward, supporting the mentors to deliver the project.

We will update this page regularly with information about the project – so please come back soon!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dani Noquet, ROSE Project Manager on 01636 919946.

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