The people who use our services are at the heart of all we do. It’s their ambitions, interests and desire to go beyond expectation that drives what we provide, every day.

People come to us in a variety of ways; some are referred by carers or health and social professionals, others find out about us through family or friends in the community. We also accept self-referrals and referrals from professionals so if you or someone you know would like to know more about our services, please contact us today to find out more.

You can find out about just some of our clients and their own stories here.

Southwell Accommodation Project - Full Film

Southwell Accommodation Project - Sarah

Southwell Accommodation Project - Chelsea

Southwell Accommodation Project - Amelia

Reach Response 2020

Reach Response 2020 - Full Film


Reach Response - James & Claire, 2020


Reach Response - Adam, 2020


Reach Response - Tina, 2020


Phil lives on his own with no internet access and was feeling very cut off from his friends. So we set up a safe, socially distant space for him to access a computer at Reach Newark. Watch Phil's film to find out how this has made a difference. Read more...

Oliver and Christine

Oliver normally attends Reach Newark and Flower Pod. His routine is so important to him, the lack of it can be very confusing.  Find out how support from Reach has made a difference to Oliver and his family during the coronavirus crisis.

Sarah and Charlotte

Sarah and Charlotte are taking part in ‘online craft’ via weekly Zoom sessions. Crafting kits and instructions are delivered safely prior to the session. As you can see from their video, our expert staff help people feel relaxed about participating in online activities.

"Don't Stop our Dreaming"

Take a few minutes to watch our Media Fun film and dream with us for a better world where we can all find our place in the community.

Claire & James

“It was a miraculous turnaround – just a little bit of one to one attention motivated him”

Kirsty & Marlene

Kirsty & Marlene"Kirsty needs interaction with other people, and not just the family she lives with. We know she needs more than we can give her."


Picture of Amelia Zooming with Reach Mansfield staff

"We couldn’t have got through this time without you and I can’t thank you enough for the lease of life you continue to give Amelia."


Reach is all about people coming together to make a difference. We rely on fundraising, donations and the time and skills of volunteers.


Ian at Flower Pod

Flower Pod Volunteer


Flower Pod Newark & Reach Newark Volunteer


Community Volunteer

Flower Pod Volunteer Project

Flower Pod Southwell Volunteers

Reach Care

Reach Care is our domiciliary care support agency and a Community Interest Company. This branch of Reach provides outstanding one-to-one support for adults with learning disabilities in and around Nottinghamshire.


Chelsea sitting on the stage

“Nothing stops Chelsea – she always finds a way round things”


Dale at singing group"We have seen Dale grow increasingly confident with his staff, who help to create new opportunities to participate in community life"

Amelia & Charlotte

Amelia at the seaside

"At Reach there are staff who are as ambitious for her as her family is"

You can read more stories from around Reach here.