Our Green Citizens project empowers people with learning disabilities to share their knowledge with others and make a positive contribution to the conversation about local sustainability, conservation and wildlife.

Hello, I’m Sam

A grant from the Samworth’s Foundation Transformation & Innovation Fund is enabling us to improve our use of outdoor space at our two Flower Pod centres. We are creating accessible therapeutic garden and wildlife spaces to offer new learning and mentoring programmes. Some of our clients are taking the lead as environmental champions in their communities and within Reach.

Enabling people with learning disabilities to participate fully in their local communities has always been at the core of Reach’s mission and thanks to this funding, we're now able to take this a step further through our Green Citizens project.

Please see our blog to read about our progress so far.

If you want to find out more about the project, please call or drop me a line.


07984 496795


Organisations we're working with

We have been supported by many local organisations who are getting involved in the conversation and supporting our Green Citizens to have a voice. We would especially like to thank the following:

Samworth Foundation: Transformation & Innovation Fund

Nottingham Trent University Faculty, Staff and Students

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Newark and Sherwood District Council


The Hockerton Housing Project

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