ICT Equipment

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Participation in modern society requires a knowledge of modern technology.  The right ICT equipment can open up a whole new world of learning and opportunity for people with social and communication difficulties.

We need funding for laptops and tablets across all of our sites, including our outreach programme for those in supported living who are unable to access our services.

We currently seek funding for:
– 5 laptops and 5 tablets for Reach Newark
– 2 laptops and 10 tablets for Reach Mansfield
– 5 laptops and 5 tablets for Reach Southwell
– 5 laptops, 5 tablets, a projector and drop-down screen for Flower Pod

These will:

  • mean we can pilot new, innovative courses centred on the flexibility and accessibility of digital technology – eg exploring new kinds of digital music-making and digital arts
  • enable clients to undertake research in sessions
  • enable clients to share learning through film and presentations
  • enable clients to explore cookery apps/sites
  • help us keep track of fitness goals or other individual learning goals, targets and outcomes
  • help us deliver important messages around staying safe when using social network sites and other on-line facilities. We would use the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities ‘Staying Safe…’ booklet as a basis for discussion and learning.

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