We all have our stories to tell, here are some of them....


Reach Beyond - Pete, 2017


Reach Beyond - Hugh, 2017


Reach Beyond - Sarah, 2017

Kirsty & Marlene

"Kirsty needs interaction with other people, and not just the family she lives with. We know she needs more than we can give her."

Claire & James

“It was a miraculous turnaround – just a little bit of one to one attention motivated him”


Flower Pod Volunteer



Community Volunteer



Ian at Flower Pod

Flower Pod Volunteer



Ruth’s story is one of determination, team-work and achievement


Bex at the park, smiling

"Bex has been so well supported by her support staff"

Adam’s Story

Attends: Reach Mansfield

Hello – I am Adam and I have come to Reach Mansfield for about two years. I have just turned 30 and enjoyed celebrating my birthday with my friends at Reach. I think Reach Mansfield is amazing – in fact I messaged head office to tell them this. I like to be cheerful and to be a good friend to the other clients. As well as coming to Reach I do catering work at another organisation called Rumbles. So when I found out about Reach Mansfield’s summer celebration I said that I would help with the catering for that and wear my chef outfit.

At Reach Mansfield I do Out & About, Fitness & Nutrition, Cookery and go to gym with the Active Me course. I like to be busy and active and at Reach there are always things to do and you can keep learning. It’s never boring and it’s good because you learn new things that you need to know in everyday life. But also I help other people to learn and that’s important too.

I have just moved into my own flat. It’s amazing to have my own kitchen and I am really looking forward to using it. It is good to have responsibilities. I know that if I have problems I can talk to people at Reach and they will help me to work out what to do, how to get help if I need it.

Friends at Reach are really important. There are other men about my age - we have fun and a laugh together.

Another good thing about Reach is going on the holidays. I have been on a few. There is so much to do, you are busy all the time. We went to Suffolk. You get to meet people from other Reach centres so can make new friends. You can choose to do things like archery, cross-bows, swimming. At night there is entertainment and some people dance all night.