Sarah's Story

If you saw Sarah singing a solo at the Reach 20th Anniversary Concert in Southwell Minster, or chatting and enjoying a coffee with friends, you would find it difficult to believe that before she came to Reach, she hardly left her bedroom. She has become confident and happy through attending sessions at Reach Southwell, from singing and music to crafts and cookery.

Sarah recently turned 60. Up until last year, she had lived her entire adult life in her family home, cared for by her mum and dad. When Sarah’s mum died a few years ago, her father Peter took over all caring responsibilities even though he was by then in his mid-eighties. Sadly, Peter himself died last year. Without Reach’s new accommodation project, Sarah would most likely have had to move far away from the community where she feels she belongs. She would have lost her parents, her home, her social connections and routine in one go. Coping with these kind of life changes is difficult for anybody. But for Sarah, the detriment to her health and wellbeing could have been significant. Fortunately, our new accommodation is now ready and Sarah will be soon be settling into her new home in the community she loves.

Peter, Sarah’s father, told Reach before he died:

I could die a happy man if I knew Sarah was being looked after by Reach.”

Sarah says:

I’ve been writing a list of things I’m taking with me like a bed, bedside table, my TV. That’s exciting. It will be nice living with all those other people.

Sarah's sisters Susan and Jenny explained further...

Sarah’s Reach House journey - a beautiful home built with empathy and heart.

"Parents can only plan so much for the future of their children and Sarah’s, Barbara and Peter Good knew during their first encounter with Steve Shatwell over 14 years ago, that they could trust Sarah’s future to the Reach charity. 

Through Reach, Sarah has enjoyed the journey of securing regular daily activities she loves, support from carers who understand her needs and now her forever home. 

For the last 18 months, mindful that all clients would need to get to know how to live together, the weekly Moving Forward Group has given Sarah skills ensuring she has a level of independence that we, as her sisters, would never have thought possible. Tasks most of us don’t think twice about such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, using public transport, have until recently mostly been done by her parents Barbara and Peter who sadly are no longer alive but would be so incredibly proud of the woman she has grown into. Confident, chatty, questioning, independent, loved by friends for her personality, envied for her golf and ten pin bowling skills and given the chance could, we’re sure, swim the English Channel. 

Our family are indebted to everyone connected with Reach."

Susan and Jenny