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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Lizzie and I have been a mentor for several years. I love being a mentor because I know I am helping other people keep safe from sexual exploitation as well as keeping myself, family, and friends safe. As I have experienced the trauma that sexual exploitation can have on a friend.

I also get to meet different professionals and young adults with learning disabilities in different settings, that I would not have if I was not a mentor on the ROSE project.

How did the ROSE team get around Covid?

Together the mentors created a shortened online version of the training we were delivering face to face before the pandemic. The training for professionals lasts 2 hours and the training for learners is delivered in 2 x 2-hour online Zoom sessions. There are positives and negatives to sessions being delivered via Zoom. Positives have been a better understanding of technology as we now use Zoom and Teams, we are reaching a bigger audience of professionals and still getting to work with my colleagues even when we were in lockdown. It has given me something to focus on when I have been struggling with the isolation of Covid. Negatives have been limited interaction as tasks completed when face to face could not be used online. With my own learning disabilities, I also find it difficult to read body language, facial expressions and sometimes what the people are trying to say due to mask wearing and poor screen quality. Bad connections and groups sharing one laptop in a room are also issues for me when delivering via Zoom. Another positive is that the ROSE team have been meeting via Zoom every month for a catch up and to talk about the presentations that have been done and what is next. We use this time to check we are all ok and talk about our well- being. Kay (project co-ordinator) makes welfare calls regularly to check in on us which is nice. I am looking forward to the ROSE socially distanced picnic in May as it will be great to see all my ROSE colleagues again face to face for the first time in 14 months.

What has motivated you during Covid?

Photo Lizzie's rabbit called Max

My pride and joy!

I got married in October, but we were only able to have limited people attend. So, my husband and I are planning on renewing our vows with a big party when we are finally able to. I am a passionate animal lover. I rescue unwanted animals as well as buying a few and my animals have helped me manage my mental health through the pandemic. I have increased my pet collection over the past year, and I now have 16 pets! My pets bring me comfort and have allowed me to switch off the negative thoughts around Covid. My family have been very supportive, but they have asked me to stop buying or rescuing more for a little while as we are running out of space!


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