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Hi, my name is Isobel, I am one of the more experienced mentors on the ROSE project.

I do the media side of the ROSE project and I am the ROSE mentor representative working with the Reach communications team. I attend monthly meetings via Zoom. I help with ideas for improving the ROSE web presence and with tweets. I recently represented the ROSE project on a Twitter podcast session for the Ann Craft Trust safeguarding hour. I really enjoyed the experience. I also designed the front cover of the ROSE project workbook we leave with learners as part of the sexual exploitation training the group does.

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I enjoy teaching and supporting people we deliver to. I help them to understand how to spot the signs of sexual exploitation and help them feel more confident to spread the message about how to stay safe from sexual exploitation. The ROSE team deliver to professionals and people with learning disabilities. We hope to start working with family carers as well in the next few months.

It makes me feel proud to support the new mentors joining the ROSE project. I help by supporting them to understand what sexual exploitation is and complete the 15 hours of training. I help them to find the confidence to go into schools, colleges and deliver online. Being a peer mentor makes me feel proud.


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