Chelsea currently lives with her two housemates, Sarah and David, in a rented house in Southwell, Nottinghamshire where they enjoy being part of community life. The three will soon be moving into Reach’s supported living accommodation. After years of searching for suitable housing, and facing unstable living situations, this comes as somewhat of a relief to Chelsea and her family.

Chelsea’s life is firmly rooted in the local Southwell community. She enjoys attending Reach’s local  day services and recently played an active role in a project to deliver training to young people and professionals. At weekends, Chelsea loves relaxing after her busy week, out and about on her trike or visiting local shops.

Chelsea says:

I’m looking forward to living with different people I haven’t lived with before. I’m looking forward to sitting outside on my patio.

Chelsea’s Mum Jacqui explains:

The Reach Accommodation Project coming to its fabulous fruition means primarily, peace of mind for me and my family. Knowing that Chelsea will be getting a secure and happy future in an environment fit for a princess or prince.

The difference that makes is enormous; Chelsea now has the ideal space to live a happy and fulfilling life in a familiar neighbourhood.