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In News by Rachel Bates

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2022 has got off to a great start for us here at Reach.

January has been a busy month at Reach Mansfield. We have been out and about enjoying some time at the local bowling alley and we have been getting creative in art by decorating ducks in the style of pop art. In our Get Wise Project, we have been practising singing, dancing and all things performing arts together!

At Reach Newark our Educational Fun group have been learning about Egyptians in their sessions – finding out about canopic jars which were used to separately mummify organs. We had a great time using clay to make the lids of their very own Sons of Horus.  We also had an opportunity to do the Get Wise Project, where some of our clients had the chance to create unique Christmas cards with a QR code on them. When you scan the QR code it came up with a video from the individual wishing their loved ones a Merry Christmas!

Reach Southwell have just started a new Inspire Cookery Class that takes place on Wednesday mornings. We made Aussie pie for Australia Day last week. This week, we are cooking sweet and sour chicken for Chinese New Year. The food has been really tasty and we are enjoying developing our skills in the kitchen.

Flower Pod Southwell visited friends over at Flower Pod Newark to catch up with everyone and check out their new building. It looks amazing! The beautiful January sun has meant we have all spent time outdoors, burning off those Christmas calories! We’ve been busy cleaning pots ready for the new planting seasons, planting some bulbs and doing scavenger hunts in the garden.

Recently Flower Pod Newark took delivery of some kindly donated food cages from Morrisons, which have now been erected in the polytunnel to create supported fences for plants to grow up. We have been doing lots of digging, weeding and sorting the edges ready for the fertiliser to be mixed into the soil for the new crops.

That’s all for now – we’re looking forward to keeping busy doing fun, social activities together in February!

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