Tom and Lewis moved into a shared bungalow owned by Reach Learning Disability in Newark in June 2021, where they are both supported by staff from Reach Care.

Tom had previously lived in supported living accommodation, but the arrangement had failed through no fault of his own, so his parents reluctantly decided to withdraw him from this service. He was having short break care at a residential home, where Lewis was living full time. Lewis’ parents felt that the time had come for Lewis to move on to supported living accommodation, and they wanted him to live nearer to them. Reach Learning Disability was in a position to purchase a bungalow in Newark for the two young men to share, and Reach Care was able to provide the support needed.

Tom’s mother, Louise explained:
“It has been a happy ending to a pretty challenging few years for us, not being able to access the services that Tom needed. We decided that something needed to be put in place now rather than later in life to meet Tom’s future requirements. Tom had been disturbed by the changes in accommodation, so we really wanted him to be settled somewhere where he was happy. The opportunity arose for Tom to be part of this wonderful home and be cared for by the dedicated team of carers that Reach have provided. It was a big thing to trust people again, but Tom has coped fabulously well and taken it all in his stride. We are so grateful for the help 
that Reach provided in helping us to find Tom’s forever home.”

Both Tom and Lewis like to be active and get out and about. Tom has worked at a local recycling charity three days a week for the last four years. Simon, one of the Reach Care Support Workers says: “Tom loves water, whether it is watering the plants or having a dip in his hot tub in the garden. We will be taking both Tom and Lewis swimming every week.”

Reach Care Support Worker, Beth, says: “Lewis likes to be out all the time, so we take him out in his Motability car and wheelchair. He enjoys going out for lunch to Lincoln, Sherwood Pines and Clumber Park, and is always smiling and waving at people. He now has an adapted bike so that we can pedal him along and he can enjoy the freedom of cycling.”

Lewis’ mother Sue says:
“It took Lewis a few weeks to settle, but it has worked out perfectly. We could not get better staff – any problems are quickly resolved. All the family can pop in anytime for a cup of tea. This really is Lewis’ forever home. It has changed his life and is the best thing we have done.”