“What a wonderful organisation Reach is.”

The highlight of Jenny’s year is the Reach holiday, and if you saw her dancing until 11pm on the most recent one, you would find it hard to believe how many health issues Jenny faces.

Born with a rare genetic condition which caused a severe learning disability, Jenny developed a further condition which caused loss of hearing in one ear, and benign tumours to grow on her spine. Jenny has had four spinal tumours removed and now has monthly chemotherapy to help inhibit further growth of the tumours.

Despite frequent pain and hospital visits, Jenny’s care support staff describe her as bubbly and full of life. When she is well, she loves going to the cinema, dancing, swimming or playing crazy golf with her friends at Reach.

Reach Care has supported Jenny since 2013, with one-to-one care from 8am to 5pm most days, and she also attends sessions at Reach and Flower Pod in Southwell. Her parents cannot praise Reach enough for the support Jenny has received. Steve, Jenny’s father says:

“When we first heard about all Jenny’s problems, you wonder what the future will hold. We are so lucky to have found Reach - Jenny lives a happy life. Reach has done such a good job – they are a great team.”

Jenny’s Reach Care support team is now able to take her for her monthly blood tests and chemo sessions at hospital and have even stayed overnight with her. Cathy, Jenny’s mother says:

“Jenny has limited speech and understanding, so having Reach Care staff with her at the hospital, who know her and can understand her, is a great help, and takes the pressure off Steve and me.”

“We are gradually gaining more time to enjoy our retirement and grandson, as we know that Jenny is happy to stay at home with Reach Care staff while we are away.”

Jenny is now in her early thirties and it is becoming clear to both her parents and the Reach Care staff that she is ready for more independence. Both think that she would benefit from a supported living environment with one or two others, as she often needs quiet time when she is in pain.

Reach is hoping that they will soon be able to find a suitable home for Jenny to give her the independence she needs, while giving her parents peace of mind that Reach is continuing to care for her.