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Picture of Sara


My name is Sara and I am a mentor on the ROSE project.

My mentor pathway picture

Sara's mentor pathway pictureThis is my ‘Mentor Pathway Picture  and it reflects my 5 year mentor journey from the Hope project to the ROSE project that I am part of today. It shows how my confidence and self-esteem has grown by being part of a really important project. I used a drawing to reflect my mentor journey as I find drawing therapeutic and it helps me to communicate what is important to me.

I like using colour and pictures as this also helps a lot of people who find it difficult to read or understand a lot of writing.

Presentation to Portland

I really enjoyed working with my colleagues on the ROSE project to deliver training to Portland college staff. This is because I used to be a Portland student a decade ago. It was good for the staff member I knew to see how much I have grown in confidence and that I was getting an important message out to the world. It makes me feel happy and proud that I am part of a project that is working to make changes. I can’t wait to get back to delivering the training sessions face to face. Even though Zoom has been hard it has allowed the project to continue to be delivered through the pandemic. Which I recognise is also a positive and I have learnt a new skill.

Covid National Survey for People with Learning Disabilities

Last month I agreed to be part of a national survey that is looking at the impact Covid has had on people with learning disabilities. I felt it was important to share my experiences, so that I can be part of national changes that may happen in the future. These changes will help improve the  support people with learning disabilities receive if there are any future major crisis in the world (hope not!). The interviewer was very kind, patient, understanding of my needs and very approachable. She really listened to what I had to say. She reworded questions I didn’t really understand until I was able to explain my feelings over the last year. I am excited to read what they have found and what changes will be made.


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