Jo – Reach Volunteer

“I’m a retired Paediatric Physiotherapist and encountered Reach in our local paper. I was attracted to a local charity doing valuable work to support adults with learning disabilities, a group that sadly often get overlooked and forgotten.

I’ve been volunteering at Reach for five years, initially at Flower Pod Southwell and now at Reach Southwell.
18 months ago, I started helping two clients preparing for their move into the Southwell accommodation and developing their independent living skills. Working with Reach clients has made me more aware of their future, and how important it is to them (and their families) to continue living in a familiar community. My involvement has been incredibly rewarding.

I’m a practical person and have enjoyed all the activities with clients and staff. This has included gardening, planning meals, shopping and cooking, interior design, ironing and even bowling nights – I’ll have a go at anything!

From my volunteering I get a sense of purpose and achievement, it’s very fulfilling and rewarding as the clients gain confidence in my company and friendship and trust develops.”