James – Reach Volunteer

“James has been a Reach client since 2017. In 2022, he expressed an interest in volunteering in the community. expressed an interest in volunteering in the community. James loves sport and is very competitive, so it was important to find him a role that would challenge him. Barnardo’s charity shop offered the perfect place. James serves customers, prepares attractive displays and more. He has learnt how to prioritise tasks and communicate effectively with staff and customers. He has built confidence to suggest his own ideas to staff and other volunteers and he recognises his volunteering as important in the running of the charity shop. Volunteering gives James more independence because he sees himself as a valued and productive member of society.

James has progressed from being driven to and from Newark, to identifying and catching the correct bus, with support staff. His goal is to travel independently on public transport to Barnardo’s which will open up new opportunities for him.”

“James loves his volunteering. It has built up his confidence, improved his independence and given him a huge sense of purpose. James has built on and improved skills he was already learning.” – Claire, James’ mum

“I really like meeting people but I don’t like it when I don’t have enough to do. At Barnardo’s I have built on skills I have been learning all my life. Improving and perfecting them.” – James