Emma – Flower Pod Volunteer

Emma has been a Reach client for several years and recently asked to become a volunteer at Flower Pod Southwell. Following a successful induction, she now volunteers once a week, helping out in the garden and classrooms. The Volunteer Manager has structured our volunteer induction process to meet Emma’s needs, listening to how she prefers to be supported. The full induction meeting was broken into 3 different meetings. Currently the Volunteer Manager remains during Emma’s volunteering sessions. At Emma’s request, her supervision meetings are every 3 months.

Emma says:

“I have really enjoyed learning new skills, meeting new people and the feeling of satisfaction from doing a good job and making Flower Pod look nice. Volunteering is great fun and gives me the chance to help out, and chat to everyone. Volunteering is good for my confidence, and I feel very proud when people tell me I have done a good job.

My favourite part of volunteering is helping everyone and talking about day-to-day life. I really enjoy looking after the plans, watering in the polytunnel and working in the garden. It is nice when everything grows, and people say thank you and I know I have done a good job. I have learnt lots of gardening skills that I can use at Flower Pod.

Every week I get a list of jobs that need doing in the garden and I work alongside Wayne (Volunteer Manager) and the other volunteers to try and get everything done. My jobs include watering the sweet peas and plants in the polytunnel, cleaning the plant pots, making decorations for events, weeding and looking after the garden. Every three months I have a meeting with Wayne to talk about what has gone well and what new skills I would like to learn. Next, I would like to learn how to use the lawnmower so that I can cut the grass at Flower Pod.”