Empowering through technology: The Easthorpe Trust’s generous donation

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The Easthorpe Trust, a local charity founded in 1650, is “delighted to support Reach in its valuable work helping people with learning difficulties.” They have very kindly donated £1,476 which has purchased four iPads for clients to use at our Southwell centre.

Technology has a transformative potential to everyday life; Reach is committed to bridging the digital divide for adults with learning disabilities. By having access to iPads, centre staff will have a new way of teaching and demonstrating key digital skills to clients.

The iPads will have a valuable impact on the services delivered. They will create a wide range of new, fun learning opportunities within all classes and activities. Reach Southwell Day Service Lead Charlie Williams says, “These iPads will be great help in our sessions at Southwell allowing clients to research online, take photos of our community and join in with group games and quizzes”.

3 people standing and 1 in a chair, holding a big cheque and iPad boxes.

From left to right: a Reach client; Steve Shatwell, Reach CEO; a Reach client; Chris Knapton, Chairman of the Easthorpe Trust.

Today the Trust has modernised and improved its income so that it can help people in the wider Southwell area. Although still a small Trust the charity has been able to help with the funding of the skate park, pay for the Scouts’ tents, fund disadvantaged children to attend a Summer Scout camp and buy iPads for Reach plus other smaller donations towards domestic equipment for those in difficult circumstances.

If you’d like to find out more about The Easthorpe Trust please email easthorpetrust@gmail.com

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