Photo of Chelsea over her shoulder t her laptop writing her blog
Chelsea is well-known around Southwell. She attends Flower Pod and Reach Southwell and is a mentor on our ROSE project, trained to deliver important messages on staying safe to young people with learning disabilities, professionals and carers. At weekends, Chelsea loves to relax after her busy week, going out and about on her bike or catching up on her shopping at local shops.
Chelsea’s life is very firmly rooted in local life and she is an active member of the community. She will become one of 12 tenants to move into the accommodation we are planning to build in Southwell for local people with learning disabilities. You can find out more about our plans here.
This is Chelsea's first time writing a blog which has given her the opportunity to explain in her own words, why it is so important to her that she has the choice to remain living in Southwell.
Thank you Chelsea - we look forward to your next post!
12th August 2021

Smile Givers!

Chelsea's Blog

Smile Givers makes me think of dentists but in this case smile givers are people who make you happy and support you to live an independent life. Reach Care Smile Givers support me with my ... Read More

Chelsea holding a sign that reads listen to our voices
25th May 2021

Back again!

Chelsea's Blog

Hi, it’s me back again!This week I thought I would tell you about a regular day in my life. All my days start & finish the same but the bit in the middle changes! At ... Read More

Hear more from Chelsea in our film about our plans to build accommodation in Southwell