Suzanna attends Reach Southwell and found the ‘Nottinghamshire by Bus’ course particularly helpful:
“Car parks are hard sometimes to park. I need to use the bus sometimes. I don’t like sitting in the back of the bus. It makes me wobbly. Helen and Liz help me. I like sitting at the front. It’s easier. I put my bus pass on the machine and it would go green. You have to do it twice so it can get my helper on. Sometimes I press the butt on to stop the bus.  We went to the museum and I played a game with my friends. They make me laugh. I loved it.” - Suzanna
Suzanna’s mum, Karen, said: “After the lockdown, I was hesitant for Suzanna to get back out again. For Suzanna, going back to Reach with all the restrictions, like wearing the masks and washing her hands all the time, was very hard for her to do. It took her a while to accept it, but staff helped her ease into and adapt to the changes. Suzanna loves going out and about, but she doesn’t like sitting at the back of the bus, so staff support her to sit at the front where she’s much happier. The staff are very caring. We appreciate everything they do for her.”