Chelsea throwing a basketball

"I do have a lovely life"

Chelsea is one busy lady – in a typical week she swims, sings, cooks, plays Boccia in the County Team and volunteers at the Reach office too! She has been a long term Reach client, and grasps every opportunity that Reach offers her, from holidays at Warner Leisure to performing at the Reach 20th Anniversary service.

In 2018, Chelsea moved out of her mum’s home into a shared house in Southwell with two other Reach service users. She says “I was really excited about living with other people. My mum was out at work a lot and I don’t like being on my own.”

Since moving there, she has developed lots more life skills – from cooking and cleaning, to working an ATM and managing money. Supported by a team from Reach Care, Chelsea now takes turns at shopping and cooking meals with her housemates, cleaning and laundry.  Even housework doesn’t get Chelsea down – she says “I don’t see it as a chore, but as something fun to do”.

Chelsea has learnt a lot of the skills she needed to live more independently at Southwell Reach’s Moving Forward Group and Healthy Cooking Group.

Lockdown put a stop to most of Chelsea’s activities, but she has kept busy with gardening, baking and crafts. Her proudest achievement is riding her trike around Southwell, with the help of her support workers. She had it for while at her parents, but during lockdown her father did it up, and brought it over for her. This has improved her fitness considerably as she can’t walk too far, and she says “I love that trike – it suits me, I would struggle with a two wheeled bike.”

“Chelsea is a pleasure to support, and is always keen to have a go at everything. We work as a team to risk assess all activities and make sure we have adapted them for her physical disabilities and visual impairment, so that she can join in safely. We did this before we first took her out on her trike, and it has been great. We have had such fun with her on the Reach holidays – she is always the last one on the dance floor!” Claire - Chelsea’s Support Worker

“Nothing stops Chelsea – she always finds a way round things” Chelsea’s Support Workers

Chelsea riding her trike

“I asked Chelsea to write her Support Plan for using the trike, as she knew what help she needed. She was surprised, but threw herself into it, even pointing out that it might get stolen if she left it outside a shop, so we went to buy a bike lock.” Alison – Chelsea’s Support Worker

“She’s got her own life now, and has blossomed” Jacqui – Chelsea’s mum

“Chelsea was ready to move out from home, and I had hoped it would happen, but could never see how. Then everything came at the right time. It has worked out really well, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. It has improved our relationship, and she has gained in confidence. She had not been able to use her trike where we were living for the last 6 years, so I was delighted that we got the trike up and running for her again. I’m over the moon for her – I couldn’t be happier.”

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